VI All-Russian Congress of Young Scientists

The delegation of the Scientific-Educational Center «Biomedical Engineering» of Orel State University named after I.S. Turgenev, consisting of 3 bachelors (K.Y. Kandurova, E.S. Seryogina, E.V. Zharkikh) and 2 undergraduates (I.O. Kozlov, O.A. Stelmashchuk) took part in the VI The All-Russian Congress of Young Scientists, where they successfully presented the results of their research work. The Congress was held from 18th to 21th April, 2017 at ITMO University.




As a result of the conference, Igor Kozlov was awarded the "Best report" diploma of the section "Living systems, biomedical technologies and tomography" (more than 20 reports were presented) for presenting the report "Technical and methodological aspects of hemolymphocirculation analysis using laser Doppler flowmetry method". The chairmen of the section also noted the high level of all submitted reports from Orel.



As part of scientific cooperation, experimental studies were conducted at the Department of Computer Photonics and Digital Video Processing of the ITMO University. Consultations were also held with Professor N.P. Erofeev at the Department of Physiology of St. Petersburg State University Medical Faculty. At the end of the trip, the students visited a seminar on conducting experimental studies on model animals using the example of Wistar rats at the Institute of Physiology named after I.P. Pavlov of the Russian Academy of Sciences.