"Day without turnstiles" in Research and Development Center of Biomedical Photonics

Research and Development Center of Biomedical Photonics, acting as one of the strategic projects of the flagship university (“University Clinic of Socially Important Diseases”) joined the all-Russian event “Day without turnstiles” organized by the Russian Science Foundation (RSF) and the All-Russia Science Festival "NAUKA 0+". The goal of the “Day without turnstiles” is to give an opportunity to look behind the scenes of leading laboratories in Russia, learn about advanced technologies, and see with your own eyes how medicines, gadgets and other important things, that we will use tomorrow, are created.

In the R&D center of biomedical photonics, two lab tours were held for an hour and a half each, which were attended by more than 40 curious children and adults. The staff of the center demonstrated both cognitive experiments with optics for the youngest guests and the most relevant interdisciplinary developments (photonics + biomedicine), including those carried out in the framework of 2 projects supported by RSF, dedicated to the improvement of optical non-invasive diagnostics in minimally invasive surgery and functional diagnostics.


The R&D center of biomedical photonics will definitely continue to participate in similar events in the future, since the popularization of science and research among the inhabitants of our region is one of the basic processes of our flagship university.