Vinokurov Andrey

1. Education and degrees awarded:


PhD in processing of agricultural raw materials, Razumovsky MSUTM (FCU) (Moscow, Russia, 2013)

MSc in commodity science and examination of goods, Orel State Technical University, Orel, Russia, 2010


2. Current position:


2024-present, Senior Researcher, Orel State University, Research and Development Center of Biomedical Photonics, Orel, Russia;

2019-2024, Researcher, Orel State University, Research and Development Center of Biomedical Photonics, Laboratory of Cell Physiology and Pathology, Orel, Russia;

2014-present, Assistant Professor, Orel State University, department of industrial chemistry and biotechnology, Orel, Russia


3. Previous work experience:


2008-2012, Technician, department of chemistry,


4. Teaching experience:


2012-2014: Teaching practical and laboratory classes, Teaching lectures (State University – Teaching-Science-Industrial Complex, Orel, Russia): «Physical and Colloidal Chemistry»; «Surface Phenomena and Dispersed Systems»; «General Biology and Microbiology»; «Fundamentals of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology»;

2014-present: Teaching practical and laboratory classes, Teaching lectures (Orel State University, Orel, Russia): «Organic Chemistry»; «Polymers for Medical and Pharmaceutical Purposes»; «Fundamentals of Cellular Technologies»; «Chemistry of Biologically Active Substances»; «General Biology and Microbiology»; «Fundamentals of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology»; «Industrial Microbiology»; «Biochemical Research methods»; «Physiological Basis of the Action of Biologically Active Substances».


5. Other education and training, qualifications and skills:


• Fundamentals of preclinical biomedical research (Orel State University, Orel, 2022)

• Fundamentals of Cellular Technologies in vitro and ex vivo (Orel State University, Orel, 2022)

• Microbiological control in Biotechnological Production (Orel State University, Orel, 2021)

• Confocal laser scanning microscopy in preclinical studies of medicines (Orel State University, Orel, 2021)

• Professional retraining of teaching staff for the implementation of programs to identify and support gifted children and youth (Talent and Success Foundation, Sochi, 2019)



6. Top-10 publications:

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