Open lecture by a leading scientist in the field of optics and biophotonics Professor Igor Meglinski (Oulu, Finland)

As part of the activity of the student department of SPIE "Orel State University SPIE Student Chapter", an open lecture was given by the leading scientist in the field of optics and biophotonics, the head of the Optoelectronics and Measurement Techniques laboratory of the University of Oulu (Finland), Professor Igor Meglinski.

Participation in the international scientific conference "Lomonosov-2017"

Employees of the centre took part in the international scientific conference of students, graduate students and young scientists "Lomonosov-2017" on April 10-14, 2017. A poster on the topic "Possibilities of using fluorescence spectroscopy for the evaluation of metabolic processes in laboratory rats" was presented at the conference.

Publication in the peer-reviewed journal "Journal of Biomedical Optics"

Employees of the scientific-educational center together with colleagues from the University of Oulu (Oulu, Finland) published a new article "Combined use of laser Doppler flowmetry and skin thermometry for functional diagnostics of intradermal finger vessels" in "Journal of Biomedical Optics". The basis of this publication was the scientific results obtained by our researcher Angelina Zherebtsova during the work on her PhD thesis.


Open lecture by a leading scientist in the field of optics and biophotonics

An open lecture of the head of the Optoelectronics and Measurement Techniques laboratory of the University of Oulu Professor Igor Meglinski will be held on April 17, 2017 in the Orel State University named after I.S. Turgenev as the part of activities of the "Orel State University SPIE Student Chapter".

Participation in the regional stage of the All-Russian Startup Tour - 2017

Employees of our scientific-educational centre Igor Kozlov and Elena Zharkikh took part in the regional stage of the All-Russian Startup Tour - 2017 in Kursk.

Internship under the International Mobility Program in Finland

Researcher of the Biomedical Photonics Laboratory of the Scientific-Educational Center "Biomedical Engineering", a post-graduate student of the Department "Instrumentation, Metrology and Certification" Victor Dremin undertook an internship under the CIMO Winter School international mobility program organized by Finnish National Agency for Education.

The opening of SPIE Student Chapter in our University

February 3, 2017 Student Chapter of the International Society for Optics and Photonics SPIE was opened in our university based on Scientific-Educational center "Biomedical Engineering" and Laboratory of Biomedical Photonics of the the University Clinic. Thus, our Student Chapter became the 15th in Russia!

Participation in Skolkovo Winter Camp 2017

Employees of Scientific-Educational Center «Biomedical Engineering» Olga Stelmashchuk and Igor Kozlov passed the competitive selection for participation in the Skolkovo Winter Camp 2017, which is one of the key programs of Skolkovo Foundation’s, Open University Skolkovo and FASIE to train specialists for innovative economy in Russia.

Report at the International Conference on Photonics SPIE “Photonics West” (San Francisco, USA)

Researcher of the Scientific-Educational Center "Biomedical Engineering" Victor Dremin made a report on the world's most prestigious international conference in the field of photonics and optical engineering SPIE "Photonics West" (San Francisco, USA, January, 28 – February, 2, 2017) in the Biophotonics section "Biophotonics and Biomedical Optics Conference".

Employee of "Biomedical Engineering" center will take part in the Winter School of the University of Helsinki

Trainee Researcher of "Biomedical Engineering" center Viсtor Dremin will participate in the 21st Winter School of the Centre of International Mobility (CIMO Winter School) "The World Inside and Around Us", which will be held on 6-11 of March 2017 at the University of Helsinki (Finland). 


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