Participation in the International Symposium on Photonics SPIE "Photonics West 2019" (San Francisco, USA)

As part of the flagship university strategic project for the development of Research and Development Center of Biomedical Photonics and bringing it to the international level, two employees of the center participated and made presentations at the world's most prestigious international symposium in the field of photonics and optics SPIE «Photonics West 2019» (San Francisco, USA, 2-7 February 2019) at the conference «BiOS» (The largest biophotonics, biomedical optics and imaging conference).




Evgeny Zherebtsov presented the report «Novel wearable VCSEL-based sensors for multipoint measurements of blood perfusion» (E. Zherebtsov, E. Zharkikh, I. Kozlov, A. Zherebtsova, Y. Loktionova, N. Chichkov, I. Rafailov, V. Sidorov, S. Sokolovski, A. Dunaev, E. Rafailov) in section Speckle Technologies II. Victor Dremin presented a report «Optical fine-needle aspiration biopsy of abdominal organs» (V. Dremin, E. Zherebtsov, E. Potapova, A. Mamoshin, A. Alyanov, A. Dunaev) in section Functional Imaging and Spectroscopy I. The reports presented the results of work on 2 projects supported by the Russian Science Foundation.




The presented studies were the results of close cooperation with leading medical institutions of the region (Orel Regional Clinical Hospital), with industrial partner from Russia (LAZMA, Ltd., Moscow) and with foreign research and development centers - Aston University (Birmingham, United Kingdom) and University of Oulu (Oulu, Finland). The interest of colleagues towards presented works was shown and the possibilities for further joint research were discussed.